Friday, 1 August 2014


                                 Today is the first day of the Blog Carnival .

                             what would you do if you weren't afraid

Darr, ke aage jeet hai..............goes an advertisement endorsing a popular drink. But fear cannot be gulped down the throat and dive into the deepest oceans.

Yes reader, you guessed it right. Water, lake, ocean fills my mind with fear and the very sight of a vast water body numbs my senses and my throat feels dry with fear. In childhood my friends took to water as born swimmers while I remained in the background to hear them discuss interesting anecdotes of the underworld. I would console my troubled mind saying that I would join them a year later. 

                                      But tomorrow never comes.

Childhood gave to adolescence  and priorities such as studies , classes college took precedence. Adulthood graduated to more serious affair like job , career , matrimony. But the reluctance to take to the water have remained on my mind. More than the reluctance is the fear that pulls me two steps backwards. But I have resolved firmly to take two steps backwards and go for a dive, not literally but work towards warding off my fear. I wish to shed the cloak of fear and don a swim-dress and be friends with water. I wish to swim with a colourful shoal of fishes and sail between them. Scuba-diving in the  azure Andaman waters to explore the unexplored underworld realm. The white surf of Rishikesh  river beckons me to try rafting in its rough, wild waters. My spirit would be at peace to take a dip in the holy gigantic Ganges and wash off my fears. 

Water , an elixir of life
quenches the parched
Earth and throat.

Water , an elixir of life
Alas! many lose their loved
to a watery grave.

Water , boon or bane
flood or famine
we all need water.

The unfortunate tragedy of the Andhra students whose precious lives were nipped in the bud by the rising waters of the Beas in  Himachal Pradesh is fresh in everybody's mind. The newspapers are filled with such tragedies when the swelling waves swallow human lives. Expert swimmers do have to bow to the power of water. Despite the dangers , fishermen community , weighing the risks but keeping fear at bay  , continue to venture deep into the seas, undaunted,  to earn a livelihood and feed the deepest catch from the oceans. The coastguards and the Indian Navy should be saluted for their tireless work.  

Readers , I wish to conquer my hydrophobia. Do share your fears...............

         Written for WRITE TRIBE PRO BLOGGER in response to the  prompt 

                             What would you do if you weren't afraid?

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