Friday, 1 April 2016

'Test'ing times

Loud noises knocked on her skull. The clock struck nine, every stroke sending

her body into shivers. Jolted, she got up with rivulets trickling down her bosom.

                   Image result for Pic of a girl with an alarm clock ringing 9 o clock

She sprinted into the venue clutching her duffel.  The Physics lessons seem to 

echo into her psyche, her nervous feet refused to move forward. She stood rooted 

into the deserted school compound. She brought her wrist up. The seconds were

ticking. “I overslept, missed the test. I will flunk. Oh God Newton, help me!  ”

Her quivering lips widened into series of smiles letting off the suppressed tension.


Physics test is tomorrow.

Prompt: Write 100 words on anything without using the letter A.